About Clothing Designer Myra Krien

Designer, Myra Krien brings her talents and experience from an award winning career in dance and costume production to women’s fashion with a unique line of ready-to-wear.

I want women to feel comfortable, powerful and sexy.  I want the clothing to be transforming and pliable yet sophisticated.  And, I want women of all sizes and shapes to look beautiful in them. – Myra


Self Expression.
Inner beauty radiating outward.
The boldness to be yourself.

These are some of the values Persephone Clothing strives to embody.

Persephone Transformative Clothing For Women, founded by Myra Krien in 2010, offers a feminine clothing line for modern women on-the-go.  Soft rayon stretch fabrics in clean flowing lines and layerable pieces make it possible to leave the house for work, take a fitness class and end the evening out on the town. Made by a dancer, the simple, clean and flowing lines highlight the natural beauty of the female form. Versatile, pieces often “transform” for multiple uses. The architecture of the clothing is body conscious, never binding and always flattering for women of any age, shape or size.  Look like a queen, feel like a goddess, no matter how many hats you wear, you wear Persephone.

Each piece is made of flexible fabric, great for every kind of movement.  Form Conscious and and flattering, they are an easy breathable weight.  Excellent travel wear, packs well. Layer for every season.

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